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06:59pm 28/01/2006
  Yaay! My friends page works on the new journal! huzzah! I shall now go about adding people whose profiles my computer does not hate.

In other news:

Yesterday was really good. Really, really good. First, because I was out of the house all day not cleaning my room, and me'n mom went to the mall, where I just happened to see Lia and Hannah. The cool thing is, mom and I actually got along for most of the day, except when I was driving, but then, I can understand that when she says right and I go left o.O. Then, when we got home, around four-forty, I think, there was a message from my aunt, who's a travel agent, on the aswering machine talking about how ther was possibly the best deal on flights to Cancun as you could possibly get. Round trip for $205. My aunt had gone ahead and booked her family on the first of next December to the 11th. After the message was over my mom asked me "Yeah, but would you really want to miss eleven days of your senior year?" I figured she was gonna pass on going, so I was all like "I don't think it would be any different than missing eleven days of school normally, but hey, it's your choice, not mine." Then she started talking about maybe going the first through the eigth, but wasn't sure if Peter wanted to go. So she called the travel lady who was booking the flights (not my aunt) and they talked for a bit, and mom found out this lady was leaving in like, ten minutes. So she called Peter, and they talked for a bit before deciding that we could go the first through the eighth. She called the travel lady back, and when she was done, I was all like "Are we going to Cancun?" and she was all like "Yup!" So that's my christmas present right there. I'm so happy...And yes, I"m aware I'm possibly the most spoiled child in existence, which makes me feel guilty, but still.
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Lordy Lou I hate my computer so much   
08:16pm 25/01/2006
  So yeah...Um...my computer hates my other journal even more than this one so...until this thing gets itself worked out, no updates on autumn_sparks... *sigh*  
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08:15pm 25/01/2006
  yaaay, I have a new journal. Hopefully my computer likes it...

here: autumn_sparks

Now add people, add!^^;
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Because my computer hates me... >.   
07:43pm 25/01/2006
mood: frustrated
So yeah... I'm making a new journal, because my computer hates me with the new domain name thing. I'm not gonna delete it, but sometime tonight I'm going to post the name of my new journal, and you guys can add the new one to your friends list at your leisure!^^
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Colorguard and Harry Potter   
08:28pm 18/01/2006
mood: purty good
So...Colorguard tryouts were tonight. IT was fun. We got FOUR new people! I'm so excited now. I'm so glad Mike's Holly decided to try out. I really like her^^. We worked on really basic stuff, like dropspins, and figure eights and such stuff as that. I didn't hurt myself, though, which was good. All in all, the tryouts were very satisfactory.

So I was watching the first Harry Potter for about ah alf an hour tonight, and they all looks so cute and young, and Ron's voice is so high pitched! It made me giggle, because they all look like little kids!^^

By the way, I know I already said it, but happy Birthday anyway, Breon!^^
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For you, Leslie, and anybody else who likes kittens.X3   
07:53pm 15/01/2006
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08:04pm 14/01/2006
mood: mmmmgh....
You know you're really tired when you think you're staring at a carrot on your bedroom floor, wondering why and how it got there and you realize that it's actually a sticker.
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07:44pm 13/01/2006
mood: hmm...
Ah, that familiar feeling. The feeling of wanting to be in a relationship. I think I've convinced myself that I don't need or want a relationship with someone and then wham, here it comes, right on schedule. It's too bad all the guys I like I know I'll never ever tellI couldn't deal with that drama right now.eh, oh well, I'm sure this feeling will go away soon.
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If I could tell you all the stories that I've heard....   
06:27pm 11/01/2006
mood: ow
Lordy Lou, my toe hurts. I dropped my flag on it while doing a toss... It's greenish-purple underneath the nail and it's throbbing...

Watched a movie in Drama Club, it was completely awesome. PONG- Party Of Not Good. I think it was...Joe and Zatch that made it with Alex as the main character. Good acting, interesting special effects...I seriously think this thing could go hollywood.
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08:07pm 04/01/2006
mood: seriously...
I never thought I'd cry over a garbage can carrier....
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06:10pm 24/12/2005
mood: happy
Merry Christmas!
Heheh...figured I should put it up early since I'm not gonna be on tomorrow. Merry Christmas, everybody! Hope it's great!
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09:44pm 23/12/2005
mood: amused
Gah....I want to go to bed, but I still have to put my presents downstairs, and I don't want to be accused of sneaking downstairs to look at the presents, and have them ask why I was downstairs, while holding packages and be like...oh, I was...getting a drink? That would be...awkward.

Who loves my icon? I do!^^ Moose!
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07:29pm 20/12/2005
  Anybody remember what we were supposed to put in our e-mails to Mrs. Garcia? I realized I left the information in my choir binder, which I left at school...  
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Oh look, here comes the bandwagon, right on schedule!   
07:21pm 19/12/2005
mood: worried
1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. How old you are.
5. How long we've known each other.
6. One love note. It doesn't have to be for me.
7. Lyrics to a song.
8. And a hint to who you are...

I'm such follower...^.^
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08:21pm 18/12/2005
  I'll wake up in the morning
find it was all a dream
today never really happened
and yet so real it seemed

I'll wake up today
wondering why it felt so real
I felt the cold wind blow
all these things that I can feel

I never wandered through the streets
and my tracks will all be gone
I never wondered what life would be
If I said I was wrong

It'll still be sunday morning
and it'll be bright and sunny clear
the sky will still be blue
and I still will have this fear

The snow won't yet have fallen
and I'll find it all a dream
won't hear the outside calling
in a voice just for me
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07:51pm 18/12/2005
mood: ecstatic
IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!
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Going Batty   
07:16pm 17/12/2005
  So I went to church tonight, and we had just finished singing, and our pastor was getting ready to speak, when people started laughing and looking around. The reason being there was a bat in the sanctuary. It flew around in circles, looking for a way out. I thought it was pretty funny, because it kept swooping really close to our pastor's head. I felt sorry for it,too, because it must have been terrified out of it's wits with the light and the sound. It probably had just found a warm place to sleep and then it woke up, wondering what the heck was going on...I think they finally got it outside, though. I looked in the back of the sanctuary and there were a couple of people with coats, trying to capture the poor thing, and they had the doors leading outside open...  
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08:42pm 16/12/2005
mood: oww...
Owwww....My back hurts really badly...Probably from the choir concert. I need to unpack. I'm soo happy, I get to spend a week at dads, excpet now I realize I forgot a bunch of stuff...like the key code to install starcraft. TT.TT I'm addicted to that game now...That, and I forgot to turn off my alarm clock at moms, so when I get home, the cord will be yoinked out of the wall and I'll have to reset my clock. *sigh*



Here, some random questions:

Why are artists and musicians only famous after they're dead?

Why did old typing paper have those removable strips on the edges?

Which way would a compass point in space?

If we "glance at our watch", then shouldn't it be called a glance?
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07:00pm 14/12/2005
mood: crushed
You know, I love it when people talk about me behind my back. Absolutely freaking love it.

I feel like crying.
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07:37pm 01/12/2005
mood: disappointed
It didn't snow...
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